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 Jean Steffen LMP                                                                                                       Vancouver Massage
Jean Steffen LMP
Jean specializes in providing an
environment of healing and
         relaxation through the use of            Young Living's Therapeutic Grade                 essential oils, her  ever so unique use of hot                                            stones in combination with her therapeutic  
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    and relaxation massage techniques.  

Jean has over 13 years of experience within the healing arts industry.  She is passionate about supporting people in their journey of well being and making positive choices through their nutrition, exercise and continual maintenance through bodywork!

Organic Essential Oils


Wellness Massage focuses on and getting you back into your body again. Massage helps you to with your inner source of being by helping you to take the time to feel yourself again. Getting a regular weekly massage can do wonders for relieving and getting you back on track.
After the initial pain is reduced, getting massage once every 2-4 weeks can help keep it away. Pain can affect your work and family life by making you feel just miserable. Relieving that pain can bring back more joy and happiness to your life.

Jean  prefers to operate by . 
However please call her, send her an email, or use the convenient  to see if same day are available for you!  
 To Your Health!

   Jean Steffen LMP
   Licensed Massage Practitioner
MA 00019183
360-635-3477 ()

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