At Vancouver Massage - VIP MEMBERSHIP CLUB
At Vancouver Massage - Where we are part of your wellness journey

Vancouver Massage
is uniting forces with 
       In Light Hyperbarics 
    Anna Axlund, CPT and
          Yoga Instructor

This coming summer, August 1st, Vancouver Massage, is expanding and moving to downtown Vancouver.  I am combining forces with Edna Ness at In Light Hyperbarics  and Yoga Instructor/Certified Personal Trainer, Anna Axlund.  Our newly combined space will provide a healing environment with a multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness. Designed to assist all that are seeking alternative healing modalities, preventative care, community and compassion.  

The healing center provides a unique combination of oxygen and Infrared therapy through the use of hyperbaric chambers and LED light pads.   Also available is an Infrared Sauna as well as Amethyst Bio-Mats on each massage table.  These 3 different FDA approved Type 2 Medical devices provide healing through increased oxygen and blood circulation, facilitating in the reduction of inflammation; all factors that can be attributed to the development of discomfort and disease in the body.

In the middle of the healing center is an area for exercise....which will be an ever growing and expanding opportunity to plug yourself into a growing community of trainers and instructors that will be guiding you to the exercise routine that suits you best.

All this in addition to the Massage Therapy you already know and love, Fascia Blasting,  Aromatherapy and all the other healing modalities brought in by the individual therapists joining At Vancouver Massage.  

So.....I'd like to personally invite you to become a member of my VIP Club.  Working from home has allowed me to keep my overhead low.  My pricing structure has reflected that and by joining this club you will be able to maintain the current cost of your massages.  My prices will be increasing to reflect the industry standard and everything that I offer in my signature massage that I've added and included over the years.   I'm extending to you the opportunity to maintain the same amazing massage at the price that you currently pay.  Please take a look at the options below and let me know which one fits your needs the best.