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What does MSM do? 

1) Makes arteries and veins flexible, elastic, and permeable, which allows for oxygen and nutrients to pass through the walls to nourish the surrounding tissues.
 2) Builds “disulfide bonds” which holds tissue together in a flexible state forming part of the body’s physical structure, including protein, collagen, glucosamine, skin, and nails.
 3) Free radicals coat and cling to artery walls and restrict nutrients from passing into the surrounding tissue. Then they become hazardous and poisonous to the body. MSM builds flexible arteries, which won’t allow free radicals to adhere to the cell walls. 
4) Provides an undesirable condition and environment for non-healthy or cancerous cells. 
5) It plays an important part in tissue breathing. 
6) Allows amino acids and other nutrients to do their assigned tasks, which depend on natural sulfur and healthy arteries to transport them to the work area. These amino acids are scavengers of 125 free radicals; they also eliminate toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and aluminum. 
7) Assists in building new healthy cells on an ongoing basis. The body is in a constant state of repair and almost completely replaces every cell each year. 
8) It helps to maintain overall body balance between acidity and alkalinity. 
9) Inhibits pain impulses along the major nervous system network called “C Fibers”. It is an analgesic. 
10) Reduces swelling of joints as in sprains, fractures, and infection, and prevents the breakdown of joint cartilage. 
11) Blocks cell-receptor sites for histamine, which triggers allergic symptoms. 
12) Softens and reduces scar tissue internally as well as externally. 
13) Promotes blood flow and regulates proper blood pressure. 
14) Breaks up calcium deposits. 
15) Completely prevents the breakdown of cartilage of joints. 
16) Shortens the recovery and healing time from injuries and surgery. 
17) Assists the digestive system in function properly. 18) It helps the liver to secrete bile. 
19) Will get rid of parasites in the intestinal tracts. 
20) Allergy symptoms are reduced 6 
21) Increases one’s energy level (example: sulfur spring bath). Some prefer not to take it at bedtime for that very reason. 
22) Because of MSM’s performance and effectiveness, it reduces the amount of medication needed, which also lessens the exposure to the inevitable side effect complications that result from constant drug intake, effecting ones bowels, liver, kidney, blood pressure, etc. 


Allergies (Pollen/Food) 
Alzheimer’s Disease
Arthritis (Osteo and Rheumatoid) 
Anxiety and stress 
Back pain 
Bells Palsy 
Blood Flow, 
Pressure & Circulation
Bowel Inflammation & Disorders: (Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerated Colitis) Buerger’s Disease
Cancer (Breast/Colon) 
Candida Albicans 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
Colds/Flu Cold Sores 
Ear Canal 
Fibromyalgia (Muscle Pain and weakness) 
Gastritis Giardia (Travelers Diarrhea) 
Gum Irritation 
Hair and Hair Loss 
Headaches (Migraine) 
Heart Disease 
Heartburn and Hyperacidity 
Hypoglycemica Interstitial Cystitis (bladder Infection) 
Joint Flexibility 
Kidney stones 
Lung Diseases or 
Dysfunction Lupus Erythermatosus 
Muscle cramps, spasm and soreness 
Mouth, teeth and gums: (Periodontal and pyorrhea) 
Nose canal 
Parasites Pinworms 
Polymyalgia Rheumatica 
Respiratory (Bronchitis) 
Round worms 
Scarring Scleroderma 
Sinusitis Skin/Complexion 
Disorders Snoring Sprains and strains 
Temporomadibular Joint Syndrome–TMJ (Head, Face, Jaw, Neck and Shoulders) 
Tennis Elbow 
Trichomonads Ulcers

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