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If you’ve been in an automobile accident, you know the lingering pain that can occur weeks, or even months, after initial medical consultations. It is possible to be pain-free, though. We are here to help. At Vancouver Massage therapists are well-respected in the medical community and have hundreds of hours of experience working with patients who have been involved in automobile accidents.

Insurance Coverage

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for therapy. Please call us today to confirm your coverage for massage. We are also happy to be a therapist accepted by L&I Workers Compensation. Talk to us today if you’ve been in an accident.

How We Can Help

The journey back from a car accident can be challenging. Even if you were wearing a seat belt, feel the accident was minor, or don’t feel much pain right after the event, pain, headaches, or decreased range of motion can occur days later. This is especially true for bicyclists that have been hit by a car.
Injuries from a car crash, including whiplash or damage to soft tissue, are often unique to accidents and require a specific treatment protocol. At Vancouver Massage therapists have been trained in specific therapy to help you recover from these injuries and stop lingering pain.

Physically, massage has been proven to help with blood circulation to affected areas, increased range of motion after an accident, and reduced muscles spasms. Emotionally, the ability to relax in a safe, peaceful environment can help with stress, again allowing you to focus on returning to your normal lifestyle.

In addition to the physical discomforts, there can be a lot of confusion or frustration when it comes to the billing process after an accident. At Vancouver Massage, we look forward to answering your questions or concerns, and will bill your insurance directly. This allows you to focus on your recovery, not on insurance paperwork.

Other Information

If you have been in an automobile accident, please read about what you need to know.

Need a referral? At Vancouver Massage will be glad to direct you to outstanding doctors in the Vancouver area.