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I got into massage because I love helping people. I enjoy the natural healing properties of massage and touch. It has always come naturally to me. When I was younger, I was always massaging my Grandma and Aunties when they were in pain, and would enjoy seeing the results of my work.
Healing is my passion. Seeing one not in pain and able to move freely is the absolute best part of my career.
I specialize in total body realignment therapy. I utilize half body draping, and work from heel to shoulder on one side of your body at a time. It allows me to get release on a whole body level. Our bodies are made perfect. Imbalance is the root cause for most pain as over use, injury and range of motion decrease.


John Mills  8/1/19

“I saw Amber Corey this afternoon for sore and stiff neck, low back and hamstring issues. She did a spectacular job of undoing the abuse my body has undergone over the past 3 months in the RV. Her fascia stretching techniques were new to me, but they worked very well. My neck has been stiff for over two weeks and after leaving there, I was able to turn my neck bilaterally in both directions without impingement.”

“I had such an amazing experience with Amber yesterday. If you like hard pressure, I definitely recommend her. She really cares about focusing on your troubled areas. I booked my second appointment right after my first service! “
Andrea King

“Amber is phenomenal. She spends time to focus on truly therapeutic massage that improves my function, comfort and health! I’ll continue to be an Amber regular!!”
Great Massage

“Fabulous massage by Amber! She’s good at what she does! She makes you feel comfortable and is good at what she does. You will not be disappointed.”

-Doreen R