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Melissa is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist in the state of Washington and Oregon. She has been in the industry over four years. Growing up exposed to the world of esthetics from her mothers electrolysis business at a very young age, it guided her later to pursue a career as an esthetician. Melissa‘s passion for chemistry and biology combine to give her a deeper understanding of how our skin protects us.

As a skin care therapist, Melissa knows that educating her clients on their skin is one of the most important aspects of receiving a facial treatment. How can you know what to do, if you don’t understand what’s happening? She understands how pigmentation, adult acne and premature aging not only put your skin in jeopardy, but also your self esteem and confidence. She believes that by providing her clients with the knowledge and tools to correct the situation she can help each individual client achieve their skin care goal.

Always researching new treatments to provide the best possible experience and benefits, Melissa has developed a CBD infused facial upgrade, available for all facials and body treatments upon request. We are dedicated to using only the most natural, ethically sourced and effective products to bring about healthier more radiant skin, Melissa has composed her menu with Angelina’s Skin Care, an organic skin care line from Bend, OR.